• Who registers for the competition?
    • Teachers should register their schools interest in the competition and after the school element of the competition should submit the winning entries.
    • After registering, you will be given information on how to access more information and more downloadable resources to assist with the competition.
  • Will NBI share my information?
    • Information will not be shared or sold to any other organisation.
  • What are the competition categories?
    • There are 3 distinct competitions, depending on what class each entering student attends:
      – Junior / Senior / First Class
      – Second / Third / Fourth Class
      – Fifth / Sixth Class
  • Can students enter as part of a team?
    • No, this is an individual competition and entries should be on behalf of individual students.
  • Are individual prizes awarded?
    • Yes, individual prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed students in both the County and National elements of the competition.
    • Prizes will be awarded across category of competition:
      – Junior / Senior / First Class
      – Second / Third / Fourth Class
      – Fifth / Sixth Class
    • Awards will be distributed by NBI after the competition is over.
      Note there are no prizes awarded at the School level competition, however, success here means entries move forward to the County element where prizes are up for grabs.
  • Are school prizes awarded?
    • This prize will be awarded to the school of the winning student from the National Competition – and can be drawn from any class category of competition:
      – Junior / Senior / First Class
      – Second / Third / Fourth Class
      – Fifth / Sixth Class
  • Is high-speed broadband required to enter?
    • No, we have designed the competition in such a way to allow schools to participate regardless of their current internet connectivity. There are a number of ways to enter the competition – some digitally but also through the post.
  • How do students enter?
    • We have two ways that you can submit your enteries.
      1. You can submit competition virtually here – https://www.nbischools.ie/upload-entry/
      2. Freepost to:
      National Broadband Ireland
      3009 Lake Drive
      Freepost FDN7562
      D24 HGRR
  • Why are some schools included in the competition and some are not?
    • NBI are delivering a high-speed broadband network in designated parts of the country. This area has been determined by the Department of Communications and therefore, this competition only addresses the schools in that area.
  • How will entries be judged / compared?
    • In the first instance, schools will judge their own students and choose which entries they would like to bring forward to the next stage of the competition – the County level element.
    • While we don’t want to be overly prescriptive, we want to ensure that the students hard work is acknowledged and evaluated, so we suggest the following are considered:
      – Originality – Was the entry original?
      – Creativity – Was the entry creative? Did it use an interesting medium to deliver the students idea?
      – Clarity – Was the student vision clear to the judges?
      – Alignment – Does the entry speak to the competition theme? Has the student really imagined the future?
      – For the County and National elements, all entries within a category will be judged by the same set of judges and we will be using the above for guidance in our decision making process.
    • After completing the judging of all entries in a category, the judges will rank the projects and the top three will be awarded.
    • All decisions of the judges are final.
    • Following the County element of the competition, all first place winners in each category will advance to the National competition. If you are a first place winner, we will be in touch on what to do next.
  • Can I see the judge’s materials after judging is over?
    • Judge’s materials are not shared. All decisions of the judges are final and competition officials do not change any judge’s results.
    • NBI appreciate the dedication of the judges who give up a lot of time to help make the competition a reality and we stand by the decisions of the judges.

Competition Rules

  • This is a 100% virtual competition
  • All Junior class – 6th class students in the nominated schools are invited to enter a student created artworks that is in keeping with the theme of the competition – “Imagine The Future”
  • Students may enter only piece of artwork project.
  • Artworks are to be submitted on an individual basis only
  • Artworks are to be designed and created by students, however, some adult guidance is allowed
  • Schools will judge all entries in the first instance and bring forward 1st place entries for all 3 class categories – in doing so, these entries will then be judged by a panel of judges selected by NBI at the County stage of the competition.
  • Copyright and Permissions. If applicable, students must document any work that they did not create themselves. In those cases, students will also need to receive permission and show documentation. By entering the competition and submitting artwork for consideration, students and their schools are giving NBI permission to post content on our digital channels and on other channels.
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