Imagine the future

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Flying cars? Robot teachers? Schools on the moon?

Having high speed fibre broadband will open up a world of possibilities and we want students to tell us what that means to them through a piece of artwork.

Imagine the Future

Lot's of amazing prizes for your school! We want students to tell us what they think the future will look like. This could be:

  • Transportation of the future
  • School of the future
  • Home of the future
  • Workplace of the future
  • Hospital of the future
  • Community of the future

This piece of art could be a sculpture, a photo, a painting, a song, a short movie or even a dance.

Things to know

All 700 schools in the National Broadband Development Area are eligable to enter. Search for your school by county below to find out if you’re eligible.

    No schools eligible.

    Competition Categories

    There are 3 competitions, depending on what class each entering student attends:

    • - Junior / Senior / First Class
    • - Second / Third / Fourth Class
    • - Fifth / Sixth Class
    • School Competition

      Schools will upload their 1st place entries to be entered in the country wide judging portion of the competition by April 2023.

    • County Competition

      The winners of the schools competition will then be entered into the county competition and winners will be announced by May 2023.

    • National Competition

      Lastly, the winners of the county competition will then be entered into the national competition. The winner of the national competition will be announced by June 2023.

    The Prizes

    Individual prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed students in both the County and National elements of the competition. The student who is deemed the overall national winner for the competition, across all 3 class categories, will win a futuristic Promethean interactive flat screen for their school!

    Building a network for everyone

    The National Broadband Plan (NBP) is the largest ever telecommunications project undertaken by the Irish State. It aims to radically transform the country’s broadband landscape through the delivery of quality, affordable high-speed broadband to all parts of Ireland where such services are not available commercially. Once completed, all parts of Ireland will have access to a modern and reliable broadband network, capable of supporting the communications, information, education and entertainment requirements of current and future generations. Find out more at